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03 February 2020

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05 February 2020

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31 January 2020

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21 February 2020

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05 March 2020

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The lexical meaning of the Arabic word ‘usra’ [family] is derived from the words denoting unity, closeness and protection. The word refers to a group of people connected together through close ties that keep them together and maintain their unity. The family is a divinely inspired institution that came into being with the creation of man. Analyzing society and its elements reveals that the family is the "cell of society". The family institution plays an important role in Islamic society. It is the basic unit of this society and is organized in such a way that it can behave like a miniature society. Islamic law treats human well-being on three levels: individual, family and social. It has therefore provided provisions for human protection and development at all three levels mentioned. About one-third of the legal norms contained in the Qur'an refer to the family and determine the rules of its operation. The set of rights and duties that form the basis of family life provides the conditions for the realization of the construction of an individual and a society based on the models shown in the Qur'an and exemplified in the life of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h). In such a balance, religion plays an important role in the family relationship system. The family in Islam aims to fulfil its goals by exchanging tranquility, compassion and love among its members. Islam has defined equality between man and woman in the sense of humanity, namely, the respect and rights associated with human being. It has distinguished between them in some rights and duties, based on the differences of the nature of each of them. If these two abide by their duties as well as each other's rights, then a healthy family will be formed. The individual contributes directly to the formation of society because the strength and unity of the family is built on the security and welfare of the society. Every nation that wants to secure its future, as it devotes itself to other fields, must devote itself to preserving the family institution. Family is vital to ensuring a healthy social system. Parents must nourish the minds of their children with knowledge before useless things overwhelm them, because bad ideas are cultivated in unknowing souls. We are living in a period where it seems as though many foundations of contemporary society are being threatened internally and externally. The family, as the basic and most sensitive institution of society, is facing a weakness of its role. However, since the family is the key to a healthy society, the more it is discussed, the more the society will be made aware of the values and importance it carries.