Important Dates

2 October 2017

Submission of abstracts for review

15 October 2017

Notification of abstract acceptance

1 November 2017

Registration deadline

8 November 2017

Full paper submission by authors

15-16 November 2017

Conference Day on Bedёr


 About ISCON
Today, the Islamic world and Muslims living in non-Islamic countries are faced withmany external and internal challenges. Some of these challenges have accumulated because of such local problems as educational conditions and others are collateral consequences of such transformations as globalization that the world is undergoing. Others yet resulted from specific factors inherent to the approaches taken in tackling these critical matters. Some parts of the Muslim world are suffering from and shaken by wars, conflicts, sectarian strife, division, extremism and terrorism. As a consequence, Muslims are experiencing economic, social and developmental crises at all levels. This conference focuses on a suitable resolution applied with strength of mind, clear vision and a realistic approach that takes cognizance of all elements and can delve to the core of matters. The topic "Challenges Facing Muslims in 21st Century Society" aims to promote an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, knowledge, research, information and recommendations between scholars, policy makers, governors, civil society and research students.