Second International Conference on Islamic Studies

The Second International Conference on Islamic Studies (ISCON)

“The Role of Women in Modern Society from the Islamic Perspective”


“The Role of Women in Modern Society from the Islamic Perspective” is the international conference that will be organize by Muslim Community of Albania, Department of Islamic Sciences, University College Bedër and World Council of Muslim Communities at 10 January 2018 in Tirana, Albania.

This conference will gather scholars, who will speak about the role of women in educating society; the rights of women in modern society; gender equality issues are a challenge or reality; discrimination against women; divorce and domestic violence are wounds of modern society; education and education of women. In addition, they will speak about forms of resistance to patriarchy; the Muslim woman and challenges in her integration; woman in the Qur’an and Prophetic Tradition; the image of women in the Albanian media; leadership and women’s participation in politics. Some other important topics will be women’s involvement in business as a contribution to society; the role of women in the maintenance of the family institution; the role of women as an actor in the education of society; women’s rights and law; women’s rights in Islam, etc.

According to various studies and statistics, in all societies, women are less educated, earn less and they are mostly exposed to violence and intimidation. Given these, there is an urgent need to develop policies and programs to eliminate violence against women in order to have a secure society where social peace promoted, empowering the role of women through its access to economic resources, political participation, education and health care, etc.

Empowering the role of women in society is an important process through which women take social responsibility to serve in solving social crises that are experiencing by 21st century societies.

The United Nations Guidelines on Empowering Women have five components:

  1. Self-esteem of women;
  2. Their right to have and to determine the elections;
  3. Their right to access to opportunities and resources;
  4. Their right to have the power to control their lives inside and outside the home;
  5. Their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a fairer social and economic order at the national and international level.

The focus of the International Conference “The Role of the Women in Modern Society from the Islamic Perspective ” will be on addressing issues about the role and involvement of women in all spheres of society.

Date:             10 January 2019, Time: 10.00

Place: University College Bedër


Organizers: Muslim Community of Albania, Department of Islamic Sciences, University College Bedër, World Council of Muslim Communities